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Commercial Services
The basis of our commercial service follows the same navigational course as our personal service.  We focus our attention on the promotion and facilitation of successful partnerships between homeowners and condo owners with their respective Declarant, Board of Directors, property managers, insurance agents, legal professionals, and vendors to create thriving communities.  

When a person chooses to live in a CID (Common interest development), they have made a choice to be part of an Association, a community larger than themselves.  Associations strive to be safe, well maintained, mindful of property values, and act in a manner that is fiscally responsible for the good of all its members.  

At the core of an Association is its membership, made up of individuals who are just that ... individual.  Each person has his or her unique style, proficiency and approach to tackling the every day circumstances of living in a collective housing environment.

When members purchase a condo or home, they are given a set of governing documents.  The legal language of these documents can be very confusing.  Depending on the specific housing type, owners may need to know:

Who insures what?
Who is responsible for what?  
What is an owner's responsibility if an occurrence causes damage?
What safety hazards does a unit owner or homeowner need to be aware of?
What preventative measures can a unit owner, homeowner, or Association take to limit or prevent loss?
Many governing documents are boilerplate in their drafting and may not fit the current profile of the community.  A community may have outgrown its language or a Board of Directors may have made decisions that unknowingly contradict the current language of their governing documents. 

Estate Solutions brings its over 30 years of experience in evaluating governing documents and utilizes an approach of promoting and nurturing positive relationships between the parties involved to work through all issues that confront an Association and its membership.  

Estate Solutions can meet with Board of Directors and/or Property Managers to:

Provide education on reviewing and evaluating governing documents
Explore alternative approaches to successful community relations
Perform risk and safety assessments for a community