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Why should I choose Estate Solutions to help organize my estate details?  
How can Estate Solutions help me navigate a large scale life transition in a manner conducive to minimal stress?  

These questions are valid given that you are deciding to entrust your most personal information and your most personal possessions with someone you barely know. 

Estate Solutions brings over 30 years of expertise working with corporate clients, business owners, and homeowners in the field of insurance.  A proven track record of ethical business practices, client discretion and empathy, and proper fiduciary oversight of financial assets.  These are the fundamental tenets of how we do business. 

We work directly with you to navigate all the issues of your estate in a clear and concise manner.  We appreciate and fully understand that you are confiding in us with your most sensitive information.  As we navigate through the details of your estate, you are free to share as much or as little information as you feel is appropriate. 

Estate Solutions has a keen understanding of large family dynamics and the wide spectrum of personalities involved.  We can help you explore varied methods of communicating your decisions to your family in such a way that promotes understanding.

Ultimately, it's all about organizing an estate plan that is specific to your wishes and wants and creates a helpful tool to those left in charge of your affairs.  In return, you have peace of mind to enjoy whatever time you have for the here and now.

The thought of downsizing and initiating a large scale move can seem terrifying.  You have years of accumulated treasures throughout your home. Each item has its own story and it becomes hard to let things go.  Making decisions on what stays and what to divest of can seem daunting.  Estate Solutions can help you manage and execute any downsizing project.  

We have vast experience in vendor management and project execution and can work with professionals in all trades towards solutions right for your particular circumstance.