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Planning Made Easy
Planning and Guidance

Legal and financial matters are best left to the experts in each field.  We can point you in the right direction of professionals who have the expertise when the complexity of your estate will benefit from their input. 

Estate Solutions, Inc. is a firm whose roots are grounded in the bedrock of organization.  Whatever the size or complexity of your estate, the details can be sorted through, analyzed, quantified, and streamlined into a plan that is both manageable and understandable.  We help you accomplish all tasks in a manner suitable to your pace and comfort level.

Estate Solutions, Inc. can assist you with the following:

Assisting with negotiation and vendor management of home improvement projects

Gathering together of all legal, financial, medical, or other       important estate documents

             Evaluating existing and future living spaces 

          Deciding what contents to move or divest of based on current and future needs

          Inventorying assets and possessions for downsizing or estate sale purposes